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A Recovery of Self

A Free Global Resource for Women (and their loved ones) striving for successful recovery from trauma and/or substance abuse/chemical dependency. Recovery Women Group offers professional counseling in a private or by the online private group setting among other women suffering from trauma, addictions or/and abused relationships. (Women face different barriers to getting help then men do and recover differently than men.) A new community launched by women to support women in their recovery efforts. We offer to counsel one on one (in FL), Coaching, Groups conveniently online from anywhere by Telephone and Webinars, Workshops, 1-2 Day Intensives and a Recovery Bootcamp in September. Join us! Fr*e Membership. Let us help you on your Recovery Journey ~ a Recovery of Self!

Our coaching efforts focus on gently challenging, supporting and transforming our client's perceptions, assumptions, attitudes and behavioral responses in order to break down barriers and limitations, which leads to greater success in life, love, and career.

You know that just being “clean and sober” doesn’t mean that you are in recovery. It means having, and working a plan – a plan for Intentional Recovery.

Intentional Recovery is not a day-by-day philosophy, but rather a moment-by-moment way of living. Our psychotherapists, addiction counselors, and life, health & recovery coaches will work and help you to attain greater success in recovery, more than ever in the past if you want it. Network with us at Facebook - In a private setting for members only See you there!


You owe it to yourself to become respondable for changes that are for the better!

Hope Group support

Group support for women has been proven to be effective - Studies suggest that millions of women worldwide become heavy drinkers.

Women Recovery Issues

Women face different barriers to getting help, and recover differently than men. Good news they seem to overcome addiction faster!


No bones about it! You need to rely on yourself to overcome addictions or abuse that are bad for your mental lifestyle


Experienced certified addiction tips that can help your overcome


Gain back your self respect & learn more respondsibity behaviors. Give yourself credit for overcoming them.

Happy or Sad Genes

Some depression disorders or addictions are gene related. Getting proper help will help you.

It takes work to recover

When all else has failed, we open the doors for a more successful approach.

Dena J. Bower, LCSW, CAP

Has over 25 years of counseling & psychotherapy experience. She is a certified addiction counselor and also a life coach.
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Researching and reaching women, across the globe by providing networking to help women overcome business issues, family issues, and all types of barriers.

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Get in shape, excising & eating the right food is proven to help you feel better about yourself.

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